Mountain gorilla Family

What is a Mountain gorilla Family?

What is a Mountain gorilla Family?
Mountain Gorillas live in families of approximately ten (10) individuals, although we have observed gorilla family groups as small as two (2) and as large as 65 gorillas.

All mountain gorilla families share basic characteristics; each is led by a single dominant silver-back, even though multiple adult males may live in a gorilla family group. The rest of the family is made of females and their offspring – What we call matrillines.

Each day the dominant silver-back leads the family in its ongoing search for food and places to rest. He also intervenes to keep the peace within the groups.

Mountain gorilla family life is not so different from ours – it revolves around feeding, sleeping, and taking care of each other, especially youngsters. Mountain gorilla mothers from close bonds with their infants, but when reach about one(1) year of age, moms will let others family group members help provide care. Older siblings make great playmates and may also help carry and comfort infants. Silver-backs often “Babysit” infants, who love to use the males’ large backs as perfect resting spots, or as places to play, climb, slide and frolic.

In addition to being protectors and leaders, silver-backs are the center of mountain gorilla family life; Where by if the dominant silver-back dies, and there is no any other to take his place, the whole family disintegrates.

Mother-infant relationships are the strongest in a mountain gorilla family group and this is seen to lasts beyond infancy.

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