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What is a Mountain gorilla Family?

What is a Mountain gorilla Family? Mountain Gorillas live in families of approximately ten (10) individuals, although we have observed gorilla family groups as small as two (2) and as large as 65 gorillas. All mountain gorilla families share basic characteristics; each is led by

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What do Mountain Gorillas Eat?

What do Mountain Gorillas Eat?Excerpt for the occasional ant or two, gorillas are strictly vegetarians. While most types of gorillas eat a lot of fruits, mountain gorillas rely primarily on roots, leaves, and stems because fruits does not grow well in their high elevation home.

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How do you measure up with the Mountain Gorillas?

Male gorillas are the largest primates on the planet!. Their size reflects the intense competition for access to females and their need to defend their families. The arm span of a silver-back is approximately 2.5M (8ft), as compared to 1.7M (5.5ft) in humans. And their

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How do Mountain Gorilla Skeletons compare to Humans

Mountain gorillas and humans have 98% resemblance when comparing their DNA. In this article we are focusing on the skeleton framework on the two to compare and see the differences. Size: Mountain gorillas weigh considerably more than humans and have larger bones, but generally taller.

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What is the Gorilla trekking permit in Uganda?

The Gorilla trekking permit is a permission that is issued by the Ugandan Government to allow you join a group of other tourists into the Forest to see rare mountain gorillas. It is entirely optional when you are on a Uganda Safari. Though if needed

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About Adventure Gorilla Safaris

Our safaris are conducted in 4×4 safari vehicles with pop up roof ideal for game viewing. Our guides bring together the most diverse, efficient and comprehensive tourism service from a complete native perspective.

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