How do Mountain Gorilla Skeletons compare to Humans

How do Mountain Gorilla Skeletons compare to Humans

Mountain gorillas and humans have 98% resemblance when comparing their DNA. In this article we are focusing on the skeleton framework on the two to compare and see the differences.

Size: Mountain gorillas weigh considerably more than humans and have larger bones, but generally taller.

Limbs: The Stronger, longer arms of Mountain gorillas help them climb. In humans, our longer legs are strongest.

Heads and Brains: Mountain gorillas have larger heads, which is most noticeable in males, who have a crest across the top where their powerful jaw muscles attach. However, a gorilla’s brain cavity is -40% smaller than of a human.

Teeth: Mountain gorilla teeth are longer than human teeth, especially their canines, which males use for defense

Thumbs: Mountain gorillas and Humans both have opposable thumbs, but mountain gorillas also have opposable big toes, giving them the equivalent of four thumbs.

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