east african tourist visa the single entry visa to uganda kenya and rwanda


EAST AFRICA TOURIST VISA: Traveling to East Africa has become easier than ever before with introduction of the East Africa Tourist Visa (EATV). Its introduction in 2014 means visitor exploration in East Africa has been widened. With the East Africa Tourist Visa, travelers can visit at least two of the three (3) EATV partner states (Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya).

What is EATV?

The East Africa Tourist Visa- EATV is an electronic travel permit introduced in 2014 as a joint initiative between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. It was introduced with aim of boosting regional travel and creating more opportunities for visitors to widen their exploration in East Africa.

Since its introduction in 2014, tourists can freely move/visit at least 2 of the partner states for tourism reasons without any need of obtaining another visa. It is a typical example of multiple entry visa and it can be obtained in Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda.

How to obtain the EATV?

Where you obtain the EATV also serves as your first entry point and it can be applied for online via the respective partner state immigration portal- www.immigration.go.ug, https://evisa.go.ke and https://migration.gov.rw or obtain it upon arrival. The official entry points to EATV partner states include Entebbe International Airport in Uganda, Nairobi/Jomo Kenyatta International Airport/Moi International Airport in Kenya and Kigali International Airport in Rwanda. You can also reach out to the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Rwanda, Kenya or Uganda prior actual travel to get answers to any key questions that you may have.

Note: The EATV is valid for 3months/90days and can’t be renewed upon expiry or exit from the partner states- Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. To obtain a new EATV, a traveler/tourist will be required to exit the East Africa Tourist Visa zone then he or she can apply for a new one.

Who can apply for EATV and what are the requirements?

Anyone can obtain the East Africa Tourist Visa except nationals/citizens of the 3 partner states- Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya who instead can use their National Identity/Passport to have access to any of the countries. Passports are usually valid for 6 months and this means, foreign travelers require a EATV.

The beauty about obtaining the EATV is that you have opportunity to visit at least 2 of the 3 East Africa partner states. Note, EATV doesn’t work for persons with intentions to go find work/employment. For citizens/expatriates outside East Africa, but they lived in the 3 partner states for some time are also exempted from traveling with the tourist visa instead, they obtain an inter-state pass which lets them move for 6 months. Or they can obtain a resident permit and passport to cross to any of these 3 states.


  • A colored passport sized photo without glasses, cap, scarves.
  • Visa application letter issued to the country you intend to visit.
  • Proof of financial stability to prove your ability to sustain yourself in the period of your safari in the 3 countries.
  • 100 USD for obtaining EATV and a completely filled application form.
  • Also, have any other valid travel document.
  • Valid travel plan/itinerary
  • Proof of yellow vaccination card/certificate.
  • Return ticket

Why obtain the East Africa Tourist Visa?

East Africa Tourist Visa is cheaper alternative for tourists to explore different tourists sites in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. It saves travelers from obtaining multiple visas or booking for individual visas require in order to visit Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya for tourism purposes.

Opportunity to explore different attractions. Each of the 3 East African states are naturally endowed with unique attractions. With the East Africa Tourist Visa, you can be in position to visit mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, or combine mountain gorilla encounter with big five or wildebeest migration experience in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.

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