About Us - Adventure Gorilla Safaris

About us – Adventure Gorilla Safaris

Adventure Gorilla Safaris – By Wild Instincts Africa is a safari and tour Company, a member to the Association Of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) offering exciting trips into the deep wilderness of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo (DRC) in Eastern and Central Africa. We are a dynamic group of Africans, who are passionate about our countries, and all we have to offer. With a long hands-on experience in organizing wildlife and hospitality tours, we pride in a unique ability to handle your African safari holiday. We offer the discerning tourist the ideal game viewing experience, from a selection of East Africa’s most yearned-for wildlife destinations. Our itineraries are tailored with you, the client being the major determinant. To offer the most exciting and memorable safari experience to our client’s expectations and beyond, at highly competitive rates without compromising our standards. Our safaris are conducted in 4×4 safari vehicles with pop up roof ideal for game viewing. Our guides bring together the most diverse, efficient and comprehensive tourism service from a complete native perspective.
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Lydia Ahumuza

Founder & CEO

How it Adventure Gorilla Safaris started - The Story Behind it.

Growing up in a rural area, I had less exposure to the rest of the country and the world at large. My first inspiration was my English teacher hence it become my first profession.

But when I was given an opportunity to travel around the country, my jaw dropped due to excitement of the beautiful and wonderful; my country is. I have truly came to a realization why Sir Winston Churchill fell in love with it at first sight hence calling it the pearl of Africa.

I further got acquainted with its rear species of the mountain gorillas we have in both Uganda and Rwanda which are sadly under a threat of extinction because of poaching and their natural habitat loss due to human settlements. This broke my heart and l looked for all ways I could be part of the conservation effort to ensure the survival of the remaining mountain gorillas in the wild.

I gathered all the funds I could and stated up a tour company (Adventure Gorilla Safaris) based in Uganda and Rwanda. It’s major aim is to help raise the awareness of the saving the remaining mountain gorillas in the wild.

Tourism is the number one contribution to conservation of the mountain gorilla. Each Gorilla permit that is paid for during your Gorilla safari with us goes directly in the funding of game rangers who daily collect data about the mountain gorilla and also fight off the poachers.

Also part of our profits goes to helping in the communities that are round Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park mostly the Batwa Community to elevate their way of living hence appreciating the beauty of protecting the mountain gorillas.

As you prepare to travel with us on your next tour Adventure Gorilla Safaris, we assure you that your safari with us is touching lives and changing earth for generations to come.