Gorilla Safaris & Wildlife Tours in Uganda,Rwanda & Congo

Get a tailor made gorilla safaris experience with Adventure Gorilla Safaris to Uganda,  Rwanda, and Congo. we also arrange safaris involving Wildlife Safaris, Chimpanzee Trekking Tours & Africa Cultural Experiences that make your gorilla safari with us very memorable in Africa.

Enjoy breathtaking gorilla safaris as you trek the endangered mountain gorillas and other primates like Chimpanzees and golden monkeys in Uganda,Rwanda and Congo.

A gorilla trekking safari with Adventure Gorilla Safaris takes you to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park and Congo’s Virunga national park, the only homes of these magical primates in the world.

We arrange bespoke gorilla tours for our travelers to destinations of their choice combined with other wildlife safaris around the region. Today gorilla tours top all the other wildlife safaris in the region attracting the majority number of travelers for a lifetime experience with these gentle giants in their natural habitat.

With the population of about 1,000 individuals worldwide, trekking mountain gorillas brings you in touch with one of the world’s most critically endangered species whose behavior and intelligence is close to that of humans. Study shows that mountain gorillas share 98% of human’s DNA making them one of the most compelling species to be visited.

Habituated mountain gorillas live in groups of about 15-30 individuals that are led by a strong and heavy silver-back male gorilla. At Adventure Gorilla Safaris we are always ready to ensure that you get a successful gorilla safari with our reservation team ready to work hand in hand with you to arrange your dream trip.

We take charge of your gorilla trekking permit by ensuring early booking, arrange comfortable transport for you with our team of experienced and professional tour guides and ensure that you have comfortable accommodation that fits your budget. Our team will always brief you about the Dos and Dont’s of gorilla trekking as well as advising you about everything you need to know and pack as far as gorilla trekking is concerned.

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Gorilla Safari Destination parks

With the experience of over 10 years, Adventure Gorilla Safaris has got hands-on experience in organizing memorable safaris including customized gorilla tours, group safaris, private tours and other wildlife safaris. We have safari packages that accommodate for all tourist activities in the region’s national parks and reserves including game drives in some of the best Savannah parks in the region like Serengeti national park in Tanzania, Masai Mara national park in Kenya and Murchison Falls national park in Uganda. While in these parks, you can view the great animal migration (Masai Mara and Serengeti) and all the Africa’s “big five” that feature lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros. Chimpanzee tracking, Birding safaris, Volcano hiking, mountain climbing, boat cruises, white-water rafting at the source of the Nile, nature walks and cultural tours are some of the other activities that you can enjoy while on your safari in Uganda and around the region.

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